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    Bike Set-Ups

    Below we show a selection of videos of specific motorcycles with GIVI Luggage options. The videos also show screens, tankbags, engine bars and a variety of other accessories for the bikes.

    The full-range of GIVI Products are available to browse and purchase at Motorcycle Planet.

    Kawasaki Z650 by GIVI

    Honda NC750X by GIVI

    Yamaha MT07 Tracer by GIVI

    Honda CB500F 2016 by GIVI

    Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin by GIVI

    GIVI Yamaha MT09 Tracer

    Honda Crossrunner 2015 GIVI D1139ST

    Triumph Tiger Explorer XC1200

    Honda NC700X

    Honda CB500X GIVI Accessories

    Customize your BMW GS - GIVI

    Where can I buy the above products?

    All the products featured in our Video demonstrations are available from our on-line store motorcycleplanet.co.uk. Motorcycle Planet are specialists in GIVI - as such we are solely dedicated to selling GIVI and possess excellent product knowledge. All our products are listed with a 10% discount from the manufacturer's list price and UK Mainland delivery is free on all orders over £150.

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