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    GIVI Side Cases

    Side Cases (also known as Panniers) come in a variety of styles tailored to different biking needs. Fitting Side Cases requires a specific Pannier Rack (aka Mounting Rack, Side Case Holder), to learn more about these please visit our page on Fitting Kits.

    The following videos will answer the most frequently-asked questions and demonstrate a selection of GIVI Side Cases, explaining their features and accessories.

    The full-range of GIVI Side Cases are available to browse and purchase at Motorcycle Planet.

    GIVI Trekker Dolomiti - Side cases

    GIVI Outback - Adventure Side cases

    GIVI 3D600 - EasyLock side bags

    GIVI Trekker Series

    GIVI Monokey Side Cases

    GIVI Easylock System

    Where can I buy the above products?

    All the products featured in our Video demonstrations are available from our on-line store motorcycleplanet.co.uk. Motorcycle Planet are specialists in GIVI - as such we are solely dedicated to selling GIVI and possess excellent product knowledge. All our products are listed with a 10% discount from the manufacturer's list price and UK Mainland delivery is free on all orders over £150.

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