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    The Basics

    If you're new to Motorcycle Luggage or need a recap you've come to the right place! On this page we shall shed light on the fundamentals of GIVI luggage. We'll cover topics such as 'What is the difference between Monokey and Monolock Top Boxes?', 'What is a Universal Plate?' and 'Will my motorcycle take a Tanklock Bag?'.

    GIVI Easylock System

    How to fit a coloured lid to a GIVI E370 Top Box

    Is my GIVI Top Case a Monokey or Monolock?

    How to fit the GIVI Monolock Universal Plate

    Monokey and Monolock Explained

    Operating GIVI Latching Systems

    GIVI Tanklock System

    Where can I buy the above products?

    All the products featured in our Video demonstrations are available from our on-line store motorcycleplanet.co.uk. Motorcycle Planet are specialists in GIVI - as such we are solely dedicated to selling GIVI and possess excellent product knowledge. All our products are listed with a 10% discount from the manufacturer's list price and UK Mainland delivery is free on all orders over £150.

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