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    GIVI Top Boxes

    The following videos cover GIVI Top Boxes - the most popular type of Motorcycle Luggage used on virtually every type of Motorcycle, from Scooters to Adventure Touring Bikes. Our videos will answer the most frequently-asked questions and demonstrate a selection of GIVI Top Boxes, explaining their features and accessories.

    The full-range of GIVI Top Boxes are available to browse and purchase at Motorcycle Planet.

    GIVI B29 - Monolock Top Case

    GIVI B360 - Monolock Top Case

    GIVI B47 Blade Monolock Top Case Range

    GIVI E300 Monolock Top Case Range

    GIVI Monokey Top Cases

    GIVI Monolock Big Top Cases

    GIVI Monolock Small Top Cases

    GIVI Trekker Series

    GIVI B47 Blade and B33 Top Cases

    GIVI Maxia 3 Top Case

    Where can I buy the above products?

    All the products featured in our Video demonstrations are available from our on-line store motorcycleplanet.co.uk. Motorcycle Planet are specialists in GIVI - as such we are solely dedicated to selling GIVI and possess excellent product knowledge. All our products are listed with a 10% discount from the manufacturer's list price and UK Mainland delivery is free on all orders over £150.

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